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The first Korean Firefox DevCon was crowded


The first Firefox developer conference in Korea was held on April, 10th on COEX 317 in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s co-located with WWW 2014 and memorial event of WWW 25th together. Over 250 web developers registered this event and were interested in Mozilla’s mission and Firefox OS’s new trends.

Thomas Ho, a director of mobile devices in Mozilla Taiwan introduced Firefox OS’s new devices and release schedule in this year and announced ZTE Open C dual core unlock phones from April 15th.

Karl Dubost, a expert on web compatibility presented some issues on mobile compatibility and showed demo of Firefox’s new developer tools including responsive web and 3D view and how to debug efficiently. He presented some examples of Korean sites including Naver, Dauma and Gmarket.

Hyeonseok Shin of a lead on Korea community explained Firefox OS’s app development including marketplace and app review, Sangpil Byun at Daum Firefox OS SIG spoke unique experiences how to contribute source code for Korean keyboard in Gaia. In lighting talk, community members explained how to work and join several projects as like Myungkwon Yang for product l10n, Seunghun Jang for Hacks blog and Sooyoong Seol for Webmaker.

Most of attendees gained their experience at first hand of Firefox OS devices, Keon and ZTE Open. It included Korean user interface and keyboard support as test devices.

In HTML5 session, Daniel Davis of W3C gave a great talk with demonstration of Websocket, WebGL and WebRTC and introduced new features of HTML including template, custom element, responsive image and document hidden event.

Junki Kim, SK Planet shared his development story of HTML5 2D casual game. He explained considering factors for 2D web game on the mobile and how to use proper usages of HTML5 game engine. Channy Yun also shortly presented high performance 3D game on desktop made by Mozilla and Unreal engine.

As a partner session, Jongsu Oh of LG Electronics did dev. story of Fireweb devices for Brazil market cooperated with Mozilla. He explained how to work together global in Mozilla including On-line tools of Bugzilla, IRC and Wiki and offline Firefox OS weeks too. He said all of things in Mozilla are opened and it’s unique to do considerable implementation through consensus.

Finally Kiyong Cha of Line plus did Line app, one of world leading mobile messengers. He emphasized importance of mobile user’s pattern not to recognize web or app. They think it’s just app and smart-phone, so Line app has to be acted like ‘native app’. For this, he used several technologies including push notification, indexed DB, web worker and contact API with async and changing small pieces of data for performance and seamless user experiences.

This event was financially sponsored by Daum and its Firefox OS SIG. (Some of community members also are working there.) Thanks for Daum for full supports. Also LG Electronics and Paygate also helped us to support speakers and payment system too. Line plus also prepared good talk and goodies for attendees. Most of all, this event was fully organized by community volunteers. If you want to join our community, please let you join in mozillakorea@googlegroups.com or refer to how to join.

- #fxdevconkr from Editoy

Firefox 개발자 콘퍼런스(4월 10일)에 초대합니다!



Mozilla 한국 커뮤니티는 웹 탄생 25주년과 국내 도입 20주년을 맞아 2014년 4월 10일(목) 강남 코엑스 317호에서 국내 처음으로 Firefox 개발자 콘퍼런스를 개최합니다. 본 행사는 오랜 커뮤니티 후원사인 다음커뮤니케이션과 Mozilla 재단이 지원하며, 커뮤니티가 직접 프로그램을 구성하여 자원 봉사자와 함께 진행합니다.

인터넷과 웹 세상의 개방성, 혁신 그리고 기회를 위해 최선을 다해 온 글로벌 비영리 커뮤니티인 Mozilla의 웹 브라우저인 Firefox와 모바일 웹 운영체제인 Firefox OS 그리고 HTML5를 비롯 최신 웹 표준 기술의 변화를 느낄 수 있는 기회입니다. 본 행사는 Mozilla 제품 및 웹 표준 기술에 관심있는 개발자와 디자이너, 고급 사용자를 대상으로 기술 데모와 강연, 정보 교환을 할 수 있습니다. 그리고, 국내외 Mozilla 커뮤니티 활동가와의 만남과 최신 Firefox OS 단말기를 직접 접할 수 있습니다.

특히, Karl Dubost(Mozilla Corp)는 Firefox를 사용하는 웹 개발자를 위한 디버깅 도구들에 대한 소개하며, HTML5의 기술 동향에 대해 W3C 표준 전문가인 Daniel Davis가 발표합니다. 그 밖에 HTML5 게임 엔진 개발 사례(김준기, SK플래닛) 및 HTML5 미래 웹 기술(윤석찬, Daum)에 대한 세션도 진행합니다. Mozilla의 주요 제품인 Firefox OS에 대한 기술 소개와 함께 한글 키보드 개발 사례(변상필, Daum) 및 브라질에서 판매 중인 FireWeb 단말기 제조 사례(LG전자) 그리고 모바일 메신저로서 Firefox OS를 지원하는 라인앱 개발 사례(차기용, 라인플러스) 등 국내 웹 개발자에 관심을 끄는 세션을 제공합니다.

이번 행사에는 웹 표준, 웹 앱 개발 사례나 Mozilla 커뮤니티 활동에 대한 주제로 5분 라이트닝 토크로 직접 참여 가능하며, 행사 진행을 위한 안내와 봉사자도 모집하고 있습니다. 관심 있는 분들은 발표 및 자원 봉사자 신청 해 주시기 바랍니다.

참가자 모집은 3월 31일(월)부터 시작하며, 참가비 5,000원은 액티브X 프리 지불 대행사인 페이게이트를 통해 결제되며 Mozilla 재단에 전액 기부됩니다. 아울러 #fxdevconkr 해쉬태그로 행사 공유를 해 주시는 분들께는 현장에서 추첨하여 Firefox OS 단말기 및 독특한 Mozilla 기념품을 등 푸짐한 상품을 현장에서 선정해 드립니다.

여러분의 많은 참여 바랍니다.

The wrap-up of 4th Seoul Code Party


On May 14th 2014, the 4th Mozilla Seoul code party happend in Daum Hannam office. This event was prepared for Korean pre-volunteers to be interested in both community activities and Firefox OS app developments. The 28 people were gathered and talked about Mozilla’s mission and activities. Most of them are interested in Firefox OS’s status.


After Part I, we gathered remained people to join localizing contribution Webmaker websites, Mozilla Hacks etc. Total eight people started to work together from 11pm to 6am in next day. Thanks for your attendance and see you soon.

You can see code party results via Ehterpad.

DevOn 2013 – Mozilla activities for Firefox OS


DevOn 2013On 26th and 27th OCT, Mozilla Korea Community participated in DevOn 2013 held at COEX. This year’s DevOn has a new format so that communities can make display booth and technical meet-up session. Many developer and open source communities in Korea participated this event. Mozilla Korea Community also made a booth and introduced community activities.

Devon 2013 Mozilla BoothAt Mozilla Korea Community booth, there are Firefox OS phones, Firefox Metro and Firefox remote debugging demo and many attendees are interested. It is impressive that some people has a lot of knowledge about Firefox OS. Many people has shown their intrest about Firefox OS.

Devon 2013 MeetupThere is a meet-up place near to community booth. Soowong Seul and other community members have a Firefox OS App training session. About 10 survivals have time to look into Firefox OS and make a web apps. It looks if developer has a good web technique, it is easy and fast to make web app with Firefox OS.

At technical meet-up session, Jinkyu Yi presented about Mozilla’s new technology such as asm.js, Lightbeam. Hyeonseok Shin presented about Firefox Web Developer toolbar. At last session, Sangpil Byun at Daum Communication presented about Korean keyboard of Firefox OS. It was a great time to learn about Korean and app development both.

Devon 2013 EventAs a parallel event, there were Mozilla quiz event at everyhour in community booth and gave a Mozilla t-shirt to the winners. People said that the t-shirt was great and many people came to booth everyhour and participated in quiz event. I thoutght that quiz was relatively easy but some question about Thunderbird and Mozilla itself looks hard to people. It’s the time to think about promotion of Mozilla more.

There are many people and we’ve met many at booth and meet-up place, we hear about Mozilla and Firefox OS a lot, it was a great time to our community members, too. Please participate in Mozilla!

3rd Mozilla Seoul Code Party


On May 11th 2013, the 3rd Mozilla Seoul code party happend in Daum Hannam office. This event was prepared for Korean web developers to be interested in both community activities and Firefox OS app developments.



We separated three part: the first part: Firefox OS app development – Installing Firefox OS simulator and making sample apps. the 2nd part: Mozilla Hacks – Translating hack blog articles and MDN documents and the 3rd part: Community activites – Joining SUMO, Verbatim.


Thanks for your attendance and see you soon.

Code Party Results

Firefox OS App

  • 최명진: 샘플 앱choi
  • 김광철: AppTimesapptimes
  • 신승진: Treezetreeze
  • 강지수: 숫자퍼즐number-puzzle
  • 한종빈: 숫자야구baseball

Mozilla hacks




2nd CodeParty turning all night!


Over 18 passionated people gathered for learning and contributing Mozilla activities on 2nd Nov.

After the first code party, many people have requested the second event and it was held in Daum Office on 7 pm. Having dinner, we watched Mozilla’s video and learned how to join Mozilla activities as like localization of product, sumo document and mozilla hacks.

After that, we had four team: product l10n, sumo, hacks and verbatim. On 10pm, we started contributing works assigned by mentors. A team of product l10n had great jobs for all of products turning red to green (firefox, thunderbird, fennec and calendar) and finished all of Firefox OS strings(gaia) for one night!

A team of sumo, two girls learned wiki usage and translate two articles together and a team of hacks blog translated six articles. In case of verbatim team, they finished all of web sites including mozilla affiliates and firefox input. You can see our works in https://ko.etherpad.mozilla.org/4.

At 3 pm, we were very hungry and had midnight meals together and talked mozilla and firefox’s story together.

We finished our code party at 6 am in early morning and promised to meet soon in next code party. Thanks for all participants and your great works!

To see more photos for Korean code party, please see them in Flickr.

Mozilla Booth in DevOn 2012


Mozilla Korean community joined DevOn 2012, the largest web developer conference organized by Daum.net on 12th November. There were over 16 tech communities including Ubutu, WordPress and Drupal on the booth hall and crowded many developers in there.

Four core members prepared this exhibition and explained Firefox Marketplace for distribution of web as an open platform to web developers. They were discussing the plan that appeals to developers. Daum sponsored to make over 100 mug cups and give this gift to people that install Firefox Android beta version and enable Marketplace account.

Many web developers visited our booth and took Firefox stickers and heard Firefox Marketplace and Firefox OS plan. They willingly clicked Facebook’s like button, so it reached over 400 likes in Mozilla Korea Facebook page.

Thanks for all community volunteers to join this event. From left: Jinwon Yang(SUMO), Jinkyu Li(l10n), Hyeonseok Shin(Forum) and Soooung Seol(Web maker)

The Wrap-up of Mozilla Seoul Code Party


Over 20 volunteers gathered in crowds on Daum’s small conference room in the night, July 13th. It’s really a night of 13th on Friday, but they don’t scare anything with Mozilla’s heart.

The Mozilla Seoul Code Party is learning meet-up for new volunteers to engage Mozilla activities such as translations of Mozilla Support, MDN documents and Hack’s blog posts and teaching tools for Mozilla Webmaker. It’s the first hackathon style meeting in our community, so we wonder how many people join us.

But, many volunteers came to join us at 7 pm and we have enjoyed four projects including localization of Korean products, Support articles, Hacks blog posts and web services until 7 am in the morning. During 12 hours, we used own etherpad tools to communicate with each members, and help each other with talking and encouragement.

So we finished all of remained jobs on bugzilla for whole aurora products to go beta in this week by Woogie Jeong, Jinkyu Yi, Pilla Lee, MK Yang. SUMO had new members and translated over 10 SUMO articles by Kyeongho, Seonbi, JeongMin and Bitjang. We did 100% of most visited, template and navigation articles, also 54% articles was done of all KB articles. Mozilla Hacks had 3 new member of Jeado.Ko, Parkssie and Woogie Jeong and they published three articles after code party.

Especially Hackasarus’s Korean verson was prepared by Jaebeom and MDN Korean version did by Kenu, Yohans and Charitymen on localiza.mozilla.org. Over 80% strings are translated and Korean web sites will be opened soon.

We’re very impressed to meet passionated people for Mozilla’s mission and all of them are new members for community. We continue to hold such 2nd and 3rd events on summer too. If you’re interested in joining us, please stay tune to our forum.

You can see the tower of red bulls, pizza box and the clock on above photo. It’s 5:45 am!

Firefox 4 Seoul Party Wrap-up


Firefox 4 Seoul Party was held at Club Mansion, Hongdae in Seoul on April 23th, 2011. Over 120 Firefox fans enjoyed this event despite $10 entrance fee.

This event was fully organized by volunteers of Firefox 4 launching team and was great compared with Firefox 1, 2 and 3 launch party.

Especially Chris Jones, Andreas Gal of Mozilla Corporation and Eri Inoue of Mozilla Japan were joined us and celebrated Firefox 4 launching with Korean community.

Attendees got many Firefox SWAGs including team firefox sticker, button, arm band from Mozilla and good firefox4 sticker, file holder from Mozilla Japan. In addition, Daum.net – a strong sponsor for Mozilla – prepared mugcup and notebook and sponsored all budget of place rent and dinner. Thanks for all!

Before party time, we had developers meeting with Mozilla speakers for 2 hours. Over 50 people were joined and discussed with them for Firefox 5 features. Chris Jones spoke about Firefox’s Out-of-tab process and graphic accelerations and Andreas Gal did about JägerMonkey and research topics such as Rust, DOM.js and Servo.

We started the party with ice-break questions to attendees. Four families accompanies with their kids and ten people have used Firefox from phoenix. One guy was single for 7 years and he got 4GB usb gift instead of girl friends!

Quiz time was also enjoyed, but there were few people to give correct answers. Please try it yourself.

  • What’s name of the Firefox 4′s new feature grouping tab?
  • When was the Firefox 1.0 released?
  • How many languages supports Firefox 4?
  • What’s a chapter and verse of Book of Mozilla in Firefox 4?
  • What’s an animation movie appearing Red panda?
  • Who is a philosopher used term of Persona?

After the quiz time, we had cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate Firefox 4 launching with singing birth day song together. I thought this cake is the most beautiful in the world.

Traditionally we did the event of “Firefox is blank for me!” that attendees answered the blank as a meaning of Firefox. (You can see over 1,500 answers of Firefox official fan page in Facebook.)

It came to a great finale of the party with a short concert of Band Persona. It was great performance and this band will be official for Firefox Korean community. (You can see it in end part of party wrap-up video.)

Finally I thank to Chris, Andreas and Eri for visiting Korea, Mozilla’s Gen Kanai, Mary Colvig and Korean volunteers for supporting event and all attendees.

You can feel a pleasant atmosphere to watch as following warp-up video and see the activity of Korean launching team too.

See you in Firefox 5 party soon!

more photos in Channy’s Flickr, Eri’s Picasaweb and Korean blog Ggogun‘s developer meeting (1), (2), Jukofe.

SUMO Korea – 100 documents for 2 weeks


Although the activity of Mozilla Support(SUMO) project were widely spread in the world, there was no Korean activity yet. Surprisingly, a new community was launched during the SUMO 2.4 release and made incredible success in short time.

For 2 weeks after the new SUMO 2.4 release, they did localization of SUMO Korean interface and wrote over 100 localized documents. Especially, it owed 25 students of open source class in Jeju National University. Each students translated several English document into Korean as student projects.

Mr. Channy Yun, a lecturers of class and a leader of Mozilla Korea community reviewed localized documents and made interface translation. It’s the first startup of SUMO Korea and some of students will continually manage this project by local mailinglist.