3rd Mozilla Seoul Code Party

On May 11th 2013, the 3rd Mozilla Seoul code party happend in Daum Hannam office. This event was prepared for Korean web developers to be interested in both community activities and Firefox OS app developments.



We separated three part: the first part: Firefox OS app development – Installing Firefox OS simulator and making sample apps. the 2nd part: Mozilla Hacks – Translating hack blog articles and MDN documents and the 3rd part: Community activites – Joining SUMO, Verbatim.


Thanks for your attendance and see you soon.

Code Party Results

Firefox OS App

  • 최명진: 샘플 앱choi
  • 김광철: AppTimesapptimes
  • 신승진: Treezetreeze
  • 강지수: 숫자퍼즐number-puzzle
  • 한종빈: 숫자야구baseball

Mozilla hacks




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