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The first Korean Firefox DevCon was crowded

The first Firefox developer conference in Korea was held on April, 10th on COEX 317 in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s co-located with WWW 2014 and memorial event of WWW 25th together. Over 250 web developers registered this event and were interested in Mozilla’s mission and Firefox OS’s new trends.

Thomas Ho, a director of mobile devices in Mozilla Taiwan introduced Firefox OS’s new devices and release schedule in this year and announced ZTE Open C dual core unlock phones from April 15th.

Karl Dubost, a expert on web compatibility presented some issues on mobile compatibility and showed demo of Firefox’s new developer tools including responsive web and 3D view and how to debug efficiently. He presented some examples of Korean sites including Naver, Dauma and Gmarket.

Hyeonseok Shin of a lead on Korea community explained Firefox OS’s app development including marketplace and app review, Sangpil Byun at Daum Firefox OS SIG spoke unique experiences how to contribute source code for Korean keyboard in Gaia. In lighting talk, community members explained how to work and join several projects as like Myungkwon Yang for product l10n, Seunghun Jang for Hacks blog and Sooyoong Seol for Webmaker.

Most of attendees gained their experience at first hand of Firefox OS devices, Keon and ZTE Open. It included Korean user interface and keyboard support as test devices.

In HTML5 session, Daniel Davis of W3C gave a great talk with demonstration of Websocket, WebGL and WebRTC and introduced new features of HTML including template, custom element, responsive image and document hidden event.

Junki Kim, SK Planet shared his development story of HTML5 2D casual game. He explained considering factors for 2D web game on the mobile and how to use proper usages of HTML5 game engine. Channy Yun also shortly presented high performance 3D game on desktop made by Mozilla and Unreal engine.

As a partner session, Jongsu Oh of LG Electronics did dev. story of Fireweb devices for Brazil market cooperated with Mozilla. He explained how to work together global in Mozilla including On-line tools of Bugzilla, IRC and Wiki and offline Firefox OS weeks too. He said all of things in Mozilla are opened and it’s unique to do considerable implementation through consensus.

Finally Kiyong Cha of Line plus did Line app, one of world leading mobile messengers. He emphasized importance of mobile user’s pattern not to recognize web or app. They think it’s just app and smart-phone, so Line app has to be acted like ‘native app’. For this, he used several technologies including push notification, indexed DB, web worker and contact API with async and changing small pieces of data for performance and seamless user experiences.

This event was financially sponsored by Daum and its Firefox OS SIG. (Some of community members also are working there.) Thanks for Daum for full supports. Also LG Electronics and Paygate also helped us to support speakers and payment system too. Line plus also prepared good talk and goodies for attendees. Most of all, this event was fully organized by community volunteers. If you want to join our community, please let you join in or refer to how to join.

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