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The, a big korean portal site start to support web site compatiblity in Firefox. It holds the Naver Bug Day with Mozilla Korean Community during February 2006. The is very favorite portal site focused on search service in most of korean internet users. It receives a tremendous 700 million page views and 14 million unique visitors every single day. Because many of them uses Internet Explorer, there are a few browser support for minor including Firefox, Safari and Opera. But, they decided to support Firefox users for remarkable increasing in this market.

In this event, firefox users can report bugs in web sites such as Javascript’s mistake, CSS layout and HTML tagging incompatible Firefox. (Many of korean web sites have these problems for IE-centric implementation.) After bug report, a QA coordinator of Naver gives a comment for all of bugs and offers bugs to develpers over 50 section of sites. Each developer get the time to fix bug from company during February. So it respects that most of problems in Naver will be fixed through this event. As well as participating this contest by users, Firefox geeks can use Naver web sites without their inconvenience. Naver will give a gift of 25 Naver+Firefox t-shirt packages to powerful bug-reporting geeks.

About Mozilla Korean Community
The Mozilla Korean Community was launched in June 2002 in Mozilla 1.0 release. This user community give to help startup users and share informations about Mozilla products. Also it has four CVS committers for i18n and l10n works and ten people for community management, QA for each local releases, korean extension and theme site and korean Mozillazine sites and thousands people visit this site in every day. Especially this community has own activity on web standard evangelism because many of korean sites is not compatible Firefox browser.

About Naver
Naver was launched in June 1999. Using its own proprietary search engine, Naver was the first portal to provide search service in Korea including integrated searches. It has since remained in the lead in the development of Korean search service. It also provides wide range of Internet services including news service with comprehensive coverage from more than 90 media sources, e-mail service, and exclusive academic thesis search service. Through these various services, Naver has become the best Korean Internet portal.

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    Naver¿¡¼­ ¾ó¸¶Àü firefox¸¦ ¿ÏÀüÇÏ°Ô Áö¿øÇÏ°Ú´Ù°í ¼±¾ðÇß¾ú´Âµ¥ ±× ÈļÓÀÛÀ¸·Î Àç¹ÌÀÖ´Â ÀÏÀÌ »ý°å½À´Ï´Ù.

    À̸§ÇÏ¿© Naver Bug Day

    2006³â 2¿ù ÇÑ´Þ°£ firefox…

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