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The wrap-up of 4th Seoul Code Party


On May 14th 2014, the 4th Mozilla Seoul code party happend in Daum Hannam office. This event was prepared for Korean pre-volunteers to be interested in both community activities and Firefox OS app developments. The 28 people were gathered and talked about Mozilla’s mission and activities. Most of them are interested in Firefox OS’s status.


After Part I, we gathered remained people to join localizing contribution Webmaker websites, Mozilla Hacks etc. Total eight people started to work together from 11pm to 6am in next day. Thanks for your attendance and see you soon.

You can see code party results via Ehterpad.

3rd Mozilla Seoul Code Party


On May 11th 2013, the 3rd Mozilla Seoul code party happend in Daum Hannam office. This event was prepared for Korean web developers to be interested in both community activities and Firefox OS app developments.



We separated three part: the first part: Firefox OS app development – Installing Firefox OS simulator and making sample apps. the 2nd part: Mozilla Hacks – Translating hack blog articles and MDN documents and the 3rd part: Community activites – Joining SUMO, Verbatim.


Thanks for your attendance and see you soon.

Code Party Results

Firefox OS App

  • 최명진: 샘플 앱choi
  • 김광철: AppTimesapptimes
  • 신승진: Treezetreeze
  • 강지수: 숫자퍼즐number-puzzle
  • 한종빈: 숫자야구baseball

Mozilla hacks




2nd CodeParty turning all night!


Over 18 passionated people gathered for learning and contributing Mozilla activities on 2nd Nov.

After the first code party, many people have requested the second event and it was held in Daum Office on 7 pm. Having dinner, we watched Mozilla’s video and learned how to join Mozilla activities as like localization of product, sumo document and mozilla hacks.

After that, we had four team: product l10n, sumo, hacks and verbatim. On 10pm, we started contributing works assigned by mentors. A team of product l10n had great jobs for all of products turning red to green (firefox, thunderbird, fennec and calendar) and finished all of Firefox OS strings(gaia) for one night!

A team of sumo, two girls learned wiki usage and translate two articles together and a team of hacks blog translated six articles. In case of verbatim team, they finished all of web sites including mozilla affiliates and firefox input. You can see our works in

At 3 pm, we were very hungry and had midnight meals together and talked mozilla and firefox’s story together.

We finished our code party at 6 am in early morning and promised to meet soon in next code party. Thanks for all participants and your great works!

To see more photos for Korean code party, please see them in Flickr.

두번째 Mozilla 코드 파티에 참여하세요!


지난 여름에 이어 오는 금요일(11월 2일 저녁)에 두번째 오프라인 모임을 하고자 합니다. Mozilla 커뮤니티 활동에 관심 있는 분들을 위해 국내 활동도 소개하고, 참여 방법을 실습도 하고 여차하면 밤새서 해야 될 일도 하고 그럴 예정입니다.

Mozilla 서울 코드 파티는 커뮤니티 참여자들이 “일반 사용자를 위한 제품 번역, 간단한 도움말 및 교육 자료 제작” 등을 함께 해 보는 시간입니다. Firefox의 열정적 사용자이면서 다른 사람을 돕고자 하는 마음만 있다면 누구나 참여하실 수 있답니다.

  • 일시: 2012년 11월 2일(금) 오후 7시~3일(토) 오전 5시
  • 장소: 한남동 다음 오피스 3F
  • 프로그램: 오후 7시에 모여서, 자기 소개 및 간단한 식사를 한 후 Mozilla 활동에 대한 소개를 잠시 듣고, 실제 커뮤니티에서 일어나는 일과 진행 방법에 대해 알아보고 간단한 실습을 겸합니다. 10시까지는 마칠 예정입니다. 그 이후는 상황에 따라 시간되시는 분들과 미뤄뒀던 작업을 함께 해 볼 예정입니다.

※ 행사 내용이 궁금하신 분은 첫번째 서울 코드 파티때 행사 내용 및 후기를 참고하세요.

※ 참가 신청:
※ 이번 모임에서는 1회 행사에 참여하신 분들이 멘토로 도움을 드립니다.
※ 자세한 사항은 아래 포스터 내용을 참고하세요!

The Wrap-up of Mozilla Seoul Code Party


Over 20 volunteers gathered in crowds on Daum’s small conference room in the night, July 13th. It’s really a night of 13th on Friday, but they don’t scare anything with Mozilla’s heart.

The Mozilla Seoul Code Party is learning meet-up for new volunteers to engage Mozilla activities such as translations of Mozilla Support, MDN documents and Hack’s blog posts and teaching tools for Mozilla Webmaker. It’s the first hackathon style meeting in our community, so we wonder how many people join us.

But, many volunteers came to join us at 7 pm and we have enjoyed four projects including localization of Korean products, Support articles, Hacks blog posts and web services until 7 am in the morning. During 12 hours, we used own etherpad tools to communicate with each members, and help each other with talking and encouragement.

So we finished all of remained jobs on bugzilla for whole aurora products to go beta in this week by Woogie Jeong, Jinkyu Yi, Pilla Lee, MK Yang. SUMO had new members and translated over 10 SUMO articles by Kyeongho, Seonbi, JeongMin and Bitjang. We did 100% of most visited, template and navigation articles, also 54% articles was done of all KB articles. Mozilla Hacks had 3 new member of Jeado.Ko, Parkssie and Woogie Jeong and they published three articles after code party.

Especially Hackasarus’s Korean verson was prepared by Jaebeom and MDN Korean version did by Kenu, Yohans and Charitymen on Over 80% strings are translated and Korean web sites will be opened soon.

We’re very impressed to meet passionated people for Mozilla’s mission and all of them are new members for community. We continue to hold such 2nd and 3rd events on summer too. If you’re interested in joining us, please stay tune to our forum.

You can see the tower of red bulls, pizza box and the clock on above photo. It’s 5:45 am!