Firefox 4 Seoul Party Wrap-up

Firefox 4 Seoul Party was held at Club Mansion, Hongdae in Seoul on April 23th, 2011. Over 120 Firefox fans enjoyed this event despite $10 entrance fee.

This event was fully organized by volunteers of Firefox 4 launching team and was great compared with Firefox 1, 2 and 3 launch party.

Especially Chris Jones, Andreas Gal of Mozilla Corporation and Eri Inoue of Mozilla Japan were joined us and celebrated Firefox 4 launching with Korean community.

Attendees got many Firefox SWAGs including team firefox sticker, button, arm band from Mozilla and good firefox4 sticker, file holder from Mozilla Japan. In addition, – a strong sponsor for Mozilla – prepared mugcup and notebook and sponsored all budget of place rent and dinner. Thanks for all!

Before party time, we had developers meeting with Mozilla speakers for 2 hours. Over 50 people were joined and discussed with them for Firefox 5 features. Chris Jones spoke about Firefox’s Out-of-tab process and graphic accelerations and Andreas Gal did about JägerMonkey and research topics such as Rust, DOM.js and Servo.

We started the party with ice-break questions to attendees. Four families accompanies with their kids and ten people have used Firefox from phoenix. One guy was single for 7 years and he got 4GB usb gift instead of girl friends!

Quiz time was also enjoyed, but there were few people to give correct answers. Please try it yourself.

  • What’s name of the Firefox 4’s new feature grouping tab?
  • When was the Firefox 1.0 released?
  • How many languages supports Firefox 4?
  • What’s a chapter and verse of Book of Mozilla in Firefox 4?
  • What’s an animation movie appearing Red panda?
  • Who is a philosopher used term of Persona?

After the quiz time, we had cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate Firefox 4 launching with singing birth day song together. I thought this cake is the most beautiful in the world.

Traditionally we did the event of “Firefox is blank for me!” that attendees answered the blank as a meaning of Firefox. (You can see over 1,500 answers of Firefox official fan page in Facebook.)

It came to a great finale of the party with a short concert of Band Persona. It was great performance and this band will be official for Firefox Korean community. (You can see it in end part of party wrap-up video.)

Finally I thank to Chris, Andreas and Eri for visiting Korea, Mozilla’s Gen Kanai, Mary Colvig and Korean volunteers for supporting event and all attendees.

You can feel a pleasant atmosphere to watch as following warp-up video and see the activity of Korean launching team too.

See you in Firefox 5 party soon!

more photos in Channy’s Flickr, Eri’s Picasaweb and Korean blog Ggogun‘s developer meeting (1), (2), Jukofe.

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