Firefox 3 Daum Edition Released!, the #2 largest Internet portal site released Firefox 3 Daum Edition based on a partnership with Mozilla Corporation. In last year, Daum contracted a partnership with Mozilla Corporation to release Firefox 3 Daum Edition that includes the latest toolbar version with Daum search by default for its users. It’s one of similar cases that Mozilla already made such a partnership with Google, Yahoo, eBay and Yandex.

The Firefox 3 Daum Edtion was made by Mozilla that offers development and quality assurance and Daum that promotes and distributes it. It can be downloaded in promotion page and Daum toolbar page. It promotes to download this version on Daum’s top page which visits 9 million people per everyday.

Also Daum developed several useful extensions such as Daum Toolbar, Extension Packages for Korean people and Korean Developers. Daum Blue is very popular simple sky blue theme with cool interface as like summer sea. Mozilla Links also selected it as a recommended one.

It means Daum has tried to observe web standards and compatibility in making its web services despite of Korean’s poor standards situation by abusing ActiveX technology. These kind of endeavors of Daum for open web has given favorable impressions to opinion leaders in online.

It buzzed today in Twitter and Korean news media.


By the way,, #1 and competitor of Daum also has offered toolbar and own theme too. So it will be good sign to increase Firefox users in Korea that both big players gives convenient environment for Firefox users to surf the web sites.

The screen-shot of promotion pages

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